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Acceptance Chasing

What is acceptance chasing?Salisbury’s unparalleled Acceptance Chase programme provides the platform for creating the sense of urgency that generates prompt action and material results from all levels of investors.  Practically speaking, close communication with investors during an offer period results is speedier transaction completion and increased material take-up.  Acceptance chasing also leads to long-run minimisation of administrative obligations and costs associates to these, such as maintaining a dissenters list and repeatedly extending an offer deadline.

A thorough review of your shareholder composition including key shareholders' previous activities, deal circumstances, and given timeframe coupled with the design, building and executing of the most effective programme will generate required take-up levels, and in many cases, increase participation to new record levels.

A crucial part of our acceptance chase is the follow-through which is absolutely necessary in ensuring that verbal acceptance intentions convert into actual valid acceptances. Contacting shareholders with the goal of conveying an urgent message is only the first step in ensuring participation. Where some of our peers stop off, we continue, making sure that what was discussed is followed through materially by the shareholder.

Our advantage / what sets us apart

Common sense solutions, winning attitude focused on goal-attainment, wealth of deal experience, solid financial & market backgrounds.

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