Salisbury Associates


Hostile or Activist

If your company is faced with a hostile or activist situation, you need an experienced proxy solicitor to deliver your message effectively and powerfully to every shareholder level. Shareholders large and small need to understand your position, stand firmly with you, know how to act, and act accordingly.

On the flip side, if you are the hostile bidder or activist, you want to gather and leverage momentum, and possess proven strategies that will sway shareholder sentiment and participation in your favour.

The executives at Salisbury have successfully launched and won proxy fights under both circumstances.  Indeed, no other proxy solicitor has as much in the trenches experience as we do.  We have the muscle to undertake all the heavy lifting involved in conveying your message to all levels of shareholders, as well as the brains to provide you with the proven, creative, and innovative strategies for winning the fight.

While there are other providers who have advised on offense and defense of a hostile situation, Salisbury is the only proxy solicitor who knows what it is like to be on the inside because we are the sole proxy team to have executed an activist event from its conception to its completion.

Our advantage / what sets us apart

Common sense solutions, winning attitude focused on goal-attainment, wealth of deal experience, solid financial & market backgrounds.